Prior to submission, please consider if your manuscript is suitable for the scope of BIOLINGUISTICS and ensure that your submission fits one of the different types of articles that we publish. Also see our Journal Policies.


Being a platinum open-access journal, BIOLINGUISTICS has no article processing charges (APCs) and no submission charges for authors.

Format-free Initial Submission

At BIOLINGUISTICS we use an easy format-free initial submission process for all article types, including Stage 1 review of Registered Reports. This is supposed to help you save time and effort.

Submission & Evaluation Process

  1. Initial submission. For this initial step there are no strict formatting requirements, we only ask you to adhere to some basic principles of scientific writing so that your manuscript:
    • Includes page and line numbers.
    • Is double spaced.
    • Lists references in a consistent manner.
    This initial submission processes takes most authors less than 10–15 minutes to complete.
  2. Editorial evaluation. The Editor-in-Chief will evaluate your submission within about a week. In this process, they may consult with the editorial team. If your manuscript is selected for external peer review, your submission will be assigned to an Associate Editor handling the review process.
  3. Peer review. Next, your manuscript will undergo one or possibly several rounds of peer review. Please see "peer review process at BIOLINGUISTICS" for further details of how external peer review is implemented at this journal.
  4. In case of acceptance:
    1. Advance online publication. In case of acceptance, the articel will be immediatly listed as a Forthcoming Article. To ensure rapid communication of scientific results the peer-reviewed the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) can be made available online by depositing it at PsychArchives, the repository for psychological science affiliated with BIOLINGUISTICS.
    2. Collaborative typsetting. Upon acceptance, authors will be required to submit a formatted version of their manuscript that adheres to the PsychOpen Manuscript Preparation Guidelines which are based upon the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition. This collaborative typesetting process will be guideded by a member of the Editorial Team.
    3. Online publication. After the successful collaborate typsetting process, the final production of the typset article will be performed by BIOLINGUISTICS. Once the authors have approved the typeset version for publication, the advance online publication on the journal web site will be replaced with the typset PDF of the article.