Peer Review Process

Every submission to BIOLINGUISTICS will be screened for relevance and topicality by the Editor-in-Chief, before it is being passed on to an Associate Editor who will handle the submission throughout the peer-review process.
Schematic of peer-review process at BIOLINGUISTICS.
Submissions deemed suitable for review will be sent to at least two external peer-reviewers. In addition, the handling Associate Editor or the Editor-in-Chief may decide to sent the manuscript to a suitable member of the Editorial Board or Advisory Board for further evaluation. This entire process always adheres to the principle of double blind peer-review. The handling Associate Editor will consult with the Editor-in-Chief to reach a decision on the manuscript on grounds of the external reviews and, if applicable, the additional review from a member of the Editorial Board or Advisory Board.

Peer reviews can be expected within 6-8 weeks of submission.